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Fine Machine Polish question - have I overworked it?



Hi guys,


I have a slight issue with the FMP (pics below).


So tonight I polished my trunk lid, removed the swirls with ease using the Swirl & Haze remover (with corresponding orange pad) then followed up with the Fine Machine Polish (with white pad). Both polishes were worked till they flashed.


The problem is that the unpolished area (area that was taped off) is clearer than the polished area. All the swirls have disappeared from the polished area apart from a few RIDS, and the paint doesn't look hazy when viewed under light but doesn't quite have the same brilliance as it did before it was polished. I tried cleaning the paint with IPA to remove any polishing oils and it didn't change the look. Then, I noticed that looking at the paint on a certain angle I could see that the unpolished area was clearer (slightly sharper with more depth) than the polished part.


It is relatively hard to see, but overall I think it's what's killing the brilliance. You can see the line in the pics below. After searching the forum, I came across the following post that talked about overworking the FMP.


the cloudiness may have been caused by over working the Fine machine polish.



Could this be what I've done or do I need to work the polish longer/ more or less pressure?














Thanks guys,

- Matt

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Thanks for the replies.


Dylan, I had trouble getting the camera to pick up the difference in auto-focus so I switched to manual focus (Canon DSLR). I was using a Kestrel DAS6 which is basically a 240V version of the second generation Griots Garage polisher. I worked it between speed 4 to 6 which I would say are probably similar in speed to the second gen porter cable.


I will see if I can get a better photo tonight, but it just bugs me knowing that I haven't got the paint to it's full potential (especially as it had more depth before).


I appreciate your help.



Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk so please excuse any grammatical errors

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After polishing hit it with some MSW and then throw a coat of Americana on it and you will be amazed!!!!!! It makes it look wet and gives that depth back. Also BG is good to use before adding Americana, for that extra pop!


Sorry for not replying to your comment, I couldn't multi-quote on my phone.


I'm sure the BG will make it look awesome, but it'll still irk me knowing that it can look just that bit better. Upon closer inspection the paint looks slightly hazy on the polished side in the photos below. When not compared against the unpolished side it doesn't seem hazy but in a comparison it does.


I might try a light pressure lower speed pass over one section with the FMP later tomorrow and see if that improves it. Hopefully it will.


What is your technique for using the FMP? (Note: I attempted to jewel the paint by using a higher speed at the end as well- maybe that wasn't such a good idea).

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