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A Little Confused



Ok, this might be a dumb question...maybe not.


I was always a little bit confused about Revive Polish, and it's place in the detailing process. Lately I've been using it as a pre-wax/LSP prep "cleaner" of sorts and it has worked great! It is a highly underrated product IMHO, and really cleans and pops the paint.


Here is my question, it's kind of three part question: This is an excerpt out of the new detailing guide:



Polish -

Chemicals comprised of liquids and solids, the abrasive qualities of these products can vary depending on the use. Polishes are used to remove imperfections from paint and provide no protection for the finish.



On the back of the Revive bottle it says that it's a completely non-abbrasive product that can correct small imperfections in the paint surface.




1. How can revive be considered a "polish" if it is non-abbrasive? The detailing guides definition states that they are abbrasive's (well abbrasive qualitities).


2. How can Revive, or anything non-abbrasive, correct any imperfections at all? Because of it's lack of abbrasives.


3. At the bottom of the label on the Revive Polish, it says "Step 4" in the detailing process. But none of the other labels have a step on them. Was this from a past Adam's process, or is this still relevant?




Thanks to anyone who can clarify.


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Revive polish would probably be more accurately labeled "paint cleanser" but its original name was Revive Polish, so rather than confuse the issue further its stayed.


As far as the number, yes - thats a carry over from awhile ago and just hasn't been designed out of the labels yet.


Oh, ok. Perfect. I just wanted to ensure I was getting all of the terminology down, and understanding everything correctly. If I'm not mistaken, Revive is one of Adam's oldest products in the line, and I could see why the name wasn't changed. It's kind of a staple, like the Detail Spray, well that's how I view it. I appreciate the answers, that clears things up for me. At least I can feel better, now that I pretty much have all the definitions and uses down. That one was always throwing me for a loop!

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