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Time to Start Detailing Full Time?



For those of you who know me I have been an Adam's adict for a few years now. I have the privilage of having the Adam's warehouse at my finger tips by living in Denver. My skills in detailing have grown by leaps and bounds in the last two years )especially on exteriors). I have completed a few odd jobs helping friend get thier cars ready for shows and teaching detailing to clubs I belong to.


That said, on Friday I thought I was going into work to get a raise and a promotion, but instead I was told my services were no longer required and shown the door. Those who have seen my other posts will know this is a big kick in the teeth. In the last 6 months I have lost my grandma, mother-in-law, best friend, and my dad. So this is just the icing on the cake for me. The wife isn't happy but she does well and we are in no real trouble. I just have to make the car and insurance payments.


So, is it time to start detailing? Winter is coming which puts a damper on that. I have to make enough to pay my bills and treat her to the occasional dinner and a movie. I have a nice inventory of Adam's products and tools, plus everything else I have aquired in my 32 years. I have a bussiness licenese from a previous automotive adventure and just have to set up a DBA to get the name right. I have some tools (PC, hand tools, vacs), the knowledge, and the passion. So why not? I have buddy who owns a shop with an attached hand car wash that I can use (for a fee of course), and am planning on being mobile to start while I build the customer base. Eventually (by next summer) have a shop of my own. I have scopped out a building and lease, have my pricing, and know what and need to buy. I have started my bussiness plan as well, and have an ultimate plan in mind (it is a good one too). I have done some market research as well. I have most of my bases covered, I think.



Insurance, who should I call and what can I expect to pay?


EPA concerns. Are there any worries I should reasonably have for waste water? Especially being semi-mobile? Do I need to worry with Adam's products?


Any advice, ideas, or anything I may not have thought about or considered? This is my first real attempt at a legitimate bussiness, so I would appreciate anything that you all know to help make this a successful adventure. I have plenty of time now to put this together and do it right.


Thanks in advance everyone.

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David I am sorry for your bag of crap you have been handed seemingly again. I imagine you are gonna need general liability, along with some other stuff.


There is plenty of work to be had in this state even during the winter. Best of luck man!


Your key in launching this is gonna be helped a lot by social media. Facebook, Twitter heck even LinkedIn can be a help here with recruiting jobs and also advertising...


Tweet something like, "10 Paint Corrections available for 20% off, first 10 to sign up get it"....again there has to be some grass roots marketing done, but it can be done.



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Winter (especially in snowy Colorado) is gonna be a bad time to start IMHO... any marketing efforts your make, investment you put out, won't have much impact until things are thawed.


Insurance - call your current provider if they do more than just auto (home, life, etc) they should be able to get you a policy quote or at least direct you to someone who can.


Waste water run off will up to your local rules and regs. Here in Cali its rough b/c storm drains run to the ocean so theres bigger implications. Not sure what it would be in CO.


I'd say lay groundwork for now... don't go making a big push in the worst time of year for the business b/c it just won't have the same impact it would when people are interested in this kind of stuff. Maybe start small and focus on "winterizing" packages and upkeep for people who want to prevent winter salt/snow damage and others who will set a regular upkeeps schedule with you for preventative cleaning. Odds are those customers become regular detail customers in the spring.

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