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Adam's MP 1 & 2 - another use



Hi - not having aluminum wheels, and really being curious about how well these metal polishes work on aluminum, I found something a little different to demo the products on for myself.


Below you will see my amp rack, which is poly with aluminum edges. The edge that is part of the case was polished with Machine Polish 1 & 2 - maybe 10 minutes work tops (all the way around, in a hurry), and the lip on the cover is original - matte gray aluminum. By the way, these were never shiny, even from the factory.


I think this is pretty clear what just a touch of these polishes can do.


For more clarity, I took some shots to show the reflection of the polished aluminum.













Yes, I did the rest of the aluminum after taking the pics. :2thumbs:

And, no, SVRT makes that kind of plastic TOO slippery for handling! :)

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