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04 GTO Tint


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Finally had time to tint the GTO before winter a couple weeks ago also while at the shop added a new fuel line and magnaflow exhaust catback.


Went with 35% on windshield, 20% driver & passenger windows, 5% rear 3 windows. Excuse the dirty car haven't had a chance to clear her up lately.









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the tint on the windshield was an impulse but now I look back it was worth it. Its dark from the outside but from the inside it is like wearing sunglasses at 4am... The tint is not legal here in missouri/kansas so its just a matter of time before the cops see me. The 06 tails just got put on as a local friend was trading his goat in and we just did a simple trade 04 red tails for the 06 tails.

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