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can this be fixed with PC or it need wetsand?



Bought another set of wheels last weekend. They have several scratches on them but most don't seem deep just on the surface. I haven't tried anything yet since i'm going to swap them out in a few weeks for the winter ones.









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Wet sanding is going to create MORE scratches that will then have to be polished out. So why introduce more scratches into a finish without trying to remove the ones that are there first by using a much less destructive technique?


So many folks are quick to think about wet sanding without realizing this or realizing just how destructive wet sanding actually is. Or, they will try to wet sand out a scratch that is way past wet sanding. Polishing with a more aggressive polish or polisher is always a better alternative, if you possess the skill to do so. Once you commit to wet sanding, you may find yourself in a neighborhood that is not so friendly, especially if this is not a skill that you possess.


By the way, that's going to be hard to fix with a PC, but it can be done if you're patient.

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