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Time Spent with Her Volvo on our 23 Anniversary


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My wife Holly and I are on a week long trip to Hilton Head Island, SC to celebrate our 23 wedding anniversary.


This morning she got/I got an anniversary present. She let me participate in my hobby of detailing cars and she got her Volvo detailed.


I scoped out a self service car wash close to where we're staying last night on our way to dinner. This morning I stopped in before my wife woke up to begin.


I started by spraying the car down with the high pressure rinse. While at it I sprayed off the nasty brush the car wash had hanging in the bay. I used their foaming brush to wash the plastic cladding the car has along it's lower sides, as well as it's front and rear bumpers.


Next I broke out my Adam's stash!


I mixed up 2oz of Adam's Car Shampoo in a grit gard installed bucket with a brand new Jumbo Wash pad and washed the top 2/3rds of the car. I pulled out the Jumbo pad and used my 9"x9" pad to wash the lower 1/3rd. As all that dwelled I sprayed APC on the tires and GWC on the wheels and scrubbed them with the car washes brush I'd already sprayed clean.


I started the high pressure wand back up and rinsed her down. I dried her off with a GW Drying towel using WCW as my drying agent. I followed up the drying by wiping down all the door jambs, around the hood and around the rear tail gate with a few Edgless Utility towels.


I headed back to the Town House where I wiped off any dust that may have been kicked up from the drive and water that was still somewhere and had flung itself on some of the exterior with WCW and a few WCW towels.


Next came out the hidden tub of Americana paste wax, a red applicator and a couple double soft microfiber towels.


She's now washed and waxed and pretty much ready for a winter in the northeast.


Tomorrow I'll take care of the windows with a 4oz bottle of GC and a glass cleaning cloth hiding in the glove compartment.








Wait, I'll be right back. She's upstairs hollering something...:thumbsup:

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