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Anyone use Collinite Marine Products?



My dad has a fairly new 26' center console Bay Cat boat. a friend of his showed him some Collinite Boat Cleaner and FleetWax on a spot on his boat. he was impressed so he bought some without consulting me.


needless to say he tried applying it by hand with "an old rag" :eek:


but now he asked for my opinion on how he should tackle the whole thing. not to let the products he bought go to waste, i suggested we apply the Boat cleaner and wax with my PC on the white and grey Adam's pads. and buff it off with my double plush towels.


has anyone used these products before with a polisher? if so how were the results?


i looked at a description of the products on a*t*g**k and they say you can use them with the PC, but of course i'm going to use the best pads made in the entire world to apply it :D

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