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Quick Sealant on Trim?



How well would the Quick Sealant work to prevent aging of rubber/plastic trim? I see that you state that it can be used on trim but are there any UV inhibitors like in SVRT?


I'm thinking this might be the ticket to sealing and protecting the vulnerable trim pieces on my parents and/or friends cars that I work on to keep them protected between details.


As an example, the trim on my father's 04 GTO is beginning to dry out and fade. Twice a year I do a full detail/correction on it and believe that's the only time the trim ever sees any type of protectant applied. He has a bottle of VRT in his garage that I gave him but unfortunately has no desire to do anything more than hand wash and dry his car twice a month.


If this works the way I hope, I might be able to halt the degradation of his trim before it gets to the point where it needs replaced.

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Its not going to provide the same dressed look as something like SVRT or In & Out long term and the durability on those surfaces is pretty short. The ability for it to be used on trim was more of a "surprise! Look what else it does" discovery for us than an intended design.


Initially it wasn't supposed to do anything other that not stain, but the fact it made things look a little darker and evened out was a nice bonus.

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