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Ordering question



I was't sure exactly where to put this so I'll stick it here. it's sort of two parts.


I got 4 different gift cards from different people. Yes hey are early Xmas gifts. :)


So i've got a bunch of stuff that I want to place an order for, but I guess I can only use one gift card per order?


And also, if you use a gift card, you can't use the Jolly coupon to get 15% off?

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Give us a call Rick, as our system isn't quite sophisticated enough to make the multiple gift card and code work! Thanks!


Toll Free: 866-965-0400, and Ashley, Jason, or myself will answer and make it happen.


Thanks, and I appreciate you asking for Adam's Gift Cert's from everyone in your world!!


Cheers, Adam

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no problem at al. I'll probably be giving you all a call later this afternoon. :)


I can't wait to try those new Gen 2 pads and a few other goodies.



BTW, I washed my truck over at my girlfriends' moms house last weekend and while I was at it I cleaned her Caddy. She couldn't get over how good the ar smelled after I cleaned it up. Everyone loves the smell of that undercarriage spray.

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