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Thompson Racing Test Mule Heads to "The Shop" in Beltsville MD


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We painted our test mule flat black two years ago after rebodying it. Figuring it was going to get it's *** beat during R&D, we didn't want to go with a fancy paint job. After the last test session, we are confident the car will make the transfer and not shake the tires (as often!).


Over the weekend, the guys from The Shop came and picked up our car. Below is the rendoring of the finished product. We have made a few slight changes, but the outcome should be close!


If you haven't heard of The Shop, they are the go-to guys for insane ProMod paint jobs.


Keep an eye on our site for updates:






To get a feel for some of their work, check out their site:


Banshie Designs and House of Powder Join forces to bring you THE SHOP






attachment.php?attachmentid=6312&d=1325539311&thumb=1Gonna have to go to their site to see pics full size. <!-- / message --><!-- End Edit By Geo -->

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That is going to be quite the paint job. Looks awesome. I can't imagine how many man hours goes into painting something of that caliber. Is there more than one guy that does the painting? Just one question? Are you sure your going to want to race that thing after getting it painted like that??? The paint job alone looks like a winner. Thanks for sharing and good luck.

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