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Polish/ Quick Sealant ONLY pics


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well it was 60 degrees out yesterday and a bit cooler today so i decided to break out the flex for the first time and tackle some minor swirling that was caused by a contaminated GWDT a few months ago. Granted these are Iphone pics and unfortunately do not do its justice, AT ALL :(


I ran out of time to hit her with BG and americana (next weekend) But the results i achieved in a relatively short time with the flex were simply amazing. It could just be in my mind but i feel it is a much more refined polish.


I didn't address the rims, trim or windows since ill Finnish her next weekend. Full writeup/better Pics to come next weekend :thumbsup: I really like the quick sealant. For being mostly a garage queen i dont feel its necessary to hit her with MSS


Without Quick Sealant, After FMP



After Quick Sealant







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Brendon, it looks great man, really like how you have the Clubman set-up aesthetically on the exterior and the finish of the paint makes it that much more crisp, nice work!


Thanks man! I appreciate that:2thumbs:


shes a work in progress. Next is de-chroming he completely and lowering about 3/4-1" to take away the "jacked up offroad look"


Having a small car is a blessing and a curse. Its nice to wash/detail but man because shes so curvy it makes it a real bear to polish, especially with the flex. On flat surfaces it works like an unbelievable dream, have more then a gentle curve and repair yourself for a work out controlling the flex. It also sucks because there are so many tight areas the PC w. 4" pads are a must. Ill admit there are some areas that are plain near impossible:(

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I hear ya buddy!!! And looking REAL good!!! If I may say though I'd go with coilovers, only reason I say this is because my Lexus is dropped 2" on Sportlines with 5-way adjustable Tokico shocks..now don't get me wrong I love the setup, some-what comfortable, and handles the curves like no ones business!! I'd take on my fathers top-of-the-line Z any day and dare I say my good friend Chases Charger in the twisties only ;) Though the first gen IS was designed to in the first place specifically my model year (01'); the 02' model was changed slightly thanks to the "up-ity typical Lexus buyer" complaining about the ride being too stiff and not enough head room..so the 02' add softer shocks and mm!!! of more head space :( with every year of the first gen being more and more watered down :willy: Either way if I had to do it all over again (and I will when the time and money comes to do the restore/LS motor swap) I'll be going with coilovers! Typically offer more comfort and you have ride height adjustability vs a 'static' setup. If the means are there I'd go coilover buddy! I wished I had for more adjustability alone :thumbsup: Then get some sways! It'll feel like a totally different car! Saying goes (least with the IS community) "suspension first, then safety, then power, then everything else"...this coming from someone whos seen my 3200lbs car out run a Vette..saddened me though the Lex was sporting a Vette motor :patriot:

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