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Anyone folowing NAIAS? Auto Show


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Why they did the show at the same time as CES is beyond me, im having a hard time following both shows :lolsmack:


Some awesome stuff coming out of the 2012 American Auto Show. Acura unveiled the new 2015 NSX, of course its flapy paddle and to satisfy the tree huggers its a hybrid. On paper it is said to produce a measly 400HP. Sadly its a failure from the start, and a curse to even badge it an NSX :mad: It is gorgeous though.


Acura NSX Concept First Look - 2012 Detroit Auto Show - Motor Trend


Ford unveiled the new fusion, Im sure Aston martin is gearing up the lawyers to sue them over the front end, and rightfully so. When i first saw it i assumed it was a new four door aston...until i came to my senses:lolsmack::loser:

2013 Ford Fusion First Look - Motor Trend


Cadillac unveiled the ATS although cool it still has GM's cheapness added to it, especially in the interior. I guarantee this will be a failure, especially since they are pitting this against the 3 series and A4. Nobody in their right mind should choose this over the new F30 3 series unveiled a few months ago. The luxury and quality of BMW will win hand over foot. let alone Audi with their fit and finish. It was a good try though Caddie :loser: i do however like that GM will be offering it in a 6speed manual. BMW has anounced they will be offering manuals in cars up to 2014 in NA then come 2013 BMW will look at the viability of offering manual. BMW & Audi have pulled the manual from all 2013 up cars offered in europe :mad:


2013 Cadillac ATS First Look - 2012 Detroit Auto Show - Motor Trend


Audi Confirmed the new Q3 will be brought to the US, should be interesting as i personally feel there isnt a market state side for it. Audi also officially publically showed off the 2013 refresh for the A4/A5, which i have watched closely over the past few months. And, i HATE what they did with the a4/a5 :mad: Curious what my fellow audi guys think about the refresh. The pic they have doesnt look bad but then it ends. Still will be the guy to say the b7's were by far the best body style just like the E46 bimmer's :2thumbs:

2013 Audi A4 and 2013 Audi S4 First Look - Motor Trend

BTW the a4/a5's look almost identical now, not saying much since the idiots at audi made the a4 look like a 4 door version of the a5 now:loser:

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Oh crap that's right around now... I forgot to take a day off for it. Damnit.


Oh well, that's what the internet is for I guess. I really just wanted to see the 2013 Dodge Dart


Here you go man!

2013 Dodge Dart Front View Photo 1

I like the LCD Display dash, something they beat BMW to 5 years ahead in a "afordable car" 3 series wont see a LCD display dash for at lest another 3-5 years.


The dart does get my ugly award though, Buick takes the WTF is that, what were they thinking the gm designers must of been high award for the new buick Encore.:help:


2013 Buick Encore - 2012 Detroit Auto Show - Motor Trend

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Those new affordable Chevy sporty concepts look interesting. I also like the new Fusion. I love the idea of the Cadillac, but some of the pics have me a little worried... it seems too long and skinny. But I'll reserve judgment until I see one in person. My mom has a CTS and it really is a well-done car, so I'm optimistic about the ATS.

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