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Wow, all I have to say. I've been working on polishing out my Viper and am about half way through. I'm being very careful and even posted a while back about my PC jumping around with the white pad on it. Well I started back up my polishing this weekend and every time I hit the white pad it would dance all over. So after a careful inspection it was not the polish/detail spray or PC, it was the pad. Let me explain.


My pad is separating/tearing at the backing causing the pad to be out of round and causing the PC to be unbalanced. This is why the orange pad doesn't bounce and the white one does. I noticed b/c it finally tore enough to "see" the pad elongating at higher RPMs.


So since I haven't used the pad that much (maybe I'm through half my car) I contacted Ashley via the chat to ask her what was wrong. She was incredibly helpful, and educated me on that if you apply anything other then even pressure the white pad can do this. I'm pretty sure I was laying it flat, so not sure about that but I guess I need to be more aware of it. After some searching on here I think maybe the problem is the way I've been taking them off the backing plate so I'm glad I got educated!


Anyway she gave me a complimentary pad which is unbelievable to me customer service wise. All I was hoping is if should could tell me how I could repair it. This is why I tell everyone I know about Adam's Polishes, they are just good people in my book. Even though it was a long time ago when I initially purchased the pads she took care of me, thanks again Ashley! Now I need to order a bunch more to say thank you :banana:

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