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FS: C5 Cover from VettesUnderCover.com

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Used this car cover 1 time - for this photo! Softest cover I've ever felt and best fitment available. Fitted for a coupe.


Zero damage whatsoever.


VettesUndercover wants $275 plus shipping - I'll put this in the mail for $210 shipped. Paypal accepted - address is funls1@yahoo.com




Detailed Info



The number one consideration of any car cover should be the fabric’s breathability. Nothing beats 100% cotton, yet most covers are made with cheap synthetics. We use an industry unique super soft 100% cotton double faced flannel. Nothing but woven cotton flannel is against your finish. No condensation. The heavy weight 7 ounce cotton with flannel nap finished on both sides keeps out dust. It is a tightly woven fabric so it will not shed or disintegrate. It is thick enough to protect against contact abrasion, and soft enough to not scratch the finest finish. It comes in a distinctive slate blue-gray color.



Our covers come in custom-made patterns for a superior contoured fit. Others brands claim to be “custom,” but no one else comes close to our fit using a natural breathable fabric. Some may look fitted but they are of a stretchy synthetic fabric that you should avoid. Our cover makes your Vette look special, even when it is covered! The cover is full length with seams only where needed to contour the fabric for a great fit. This method takes a lot more fabric, however, there is no comparison to other patchwork looking covers.


We perfectly place a bound buttonhole for fixed antenna Corvettes. We are the only cover company that addresses this important detail with a permanent solution. It is extra work, but it makes all the difference in fit and appearance. Some companies use just an elastic thread to gather the cover to the front and rear. We use a durable elastic ribbed braid placed inside a cloth tunnel wheel to wheel. This is just one more example of the fine craftsmanship we put into each cover.



Our cover can be used inside or out. Even in a spotless garage, you want to prevent dust accumulation and the need to continually wash your car. Breathability of a 100% cotton cover is just as important for a fine paint job, inside or out. Most of these high-dollar Corvettes are garaged, but you also want the ability to cover and protect them outside for occasional events, such as shows and trips. When your car is outside, you want to keep the car clean and protect it from UV damage and curious strangers. It is not waterproof because if it was, you would be risking your beautiful paint finish. If it rains, the cover will become wet, but it will still keep your car clean. As it dries in the air, the moisture is wicked away from the car and both will dry completely.

Other Benefits

Our cover can be dry-cleaned. Most other covers cannot be cleaned at all since they are either synthetic or non-woven pressed fibers.

The cover protects your car from kids, pets, tools, etc. I like to keep my car hidden from workmen or other strangers that pass by when the garage door is open.



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