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stuck lid



:help: Any one have suggestion on how to get the lid off my Americana. It has sat for 8-10 weeks and now I can't get it off. I have tried hot water, banging it on counter, etc. Even tried the microwave, the metallic lettering makes nice sparks! :lolsmack:
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When you tried the hot water, how much of the container did you put in hot water?


I haven't had this problem with the lid being this difficult to remove... but I would want to NOT heat the entire jar but just the lid. My logic is that I want the lid to become larger and the jar smaller so I put just the lid in very hot water, being careful to not allow the jar body to get warm.


Let us know what works for you.



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:party:Finally got the lid off! Now I can put the finishing touches on my detail. That is when the feeling returns to my hands.

Solution: removed labels, heated in microwave for 20 seconds to make lid soft and then pried lid off with flat blade screwdriver. :2thumbs: Did not have any success with heating lid in hot water or hair dryer.

Thanks to everyone for the suggestions.

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