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First things to buy?



So for the time being since I could I have been trying to take care of my family's cars.

My question to you is were to start. I have been using a one bucket was with cheap sponges.

I stepped up to a 2 bucket wash, with one of them using a grit guard. I also went an bought a "Micro fiber sponge".

I use a shamie to dry, like the sham wow type thing.

My question to you all is what to buy first.

I know adams has their Essentials pack but that costs to much right now.

I am working on the tightest budget ever!

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I would go for the basic wash kit! a great white towel, 16Oz of shampoo and a wash pad. that is a great start to keeping cars clean for a low price


I am with Jonathan, the Adam's Car Wash Trio is a great place to start. If you can swing it, add some DS to the order to aid in the drying (it's also nice for a quick interior wipe down - mmmm love the smell of DS!).

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