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I am asking for your vote on a contest I entered with my best friend. Here is the history I tried to put on the contest site (I can't seem to follow directions) Thanks


I do have a Moderator's Ok on this. Here is the link.


Travis "Deadeye" Underwood's entry in the Cabela's Ultimate Outdoor Team Contest


Why we are the best team…..

We have been hunting together for 20+ years. My best friend, more like a brother, Jeff has beaten the odds his whole life. His freshman year of high school, he was diagnosed with high blood pressure when he went in for a physical so he could play football. He has been on meds ever since. He married his high school sweetheart and together they raised 4 exceptional children. At 33 years of age Jeff was diagnosed with diabetes. But the last 3 years have been the toughest. A few days before his 44th birthday (Valentine’s Day) he had a heart attack. A quadruple bypass gave him his life back until the following year, again just a few days before his birthday, he had a stroke. The Medical team discovered that the main artery on the right side leading to his brain was 90% blocked. Surgery was required and a stent was placed in his neck at the base of his brain and as you can imagine the medical costs are through the roof. This year before his birthday the Medical team discovered that his stent is almost 100% blocked, so he is not out of the woods yet. He has not had any paralyzing effects from the stroke; if you ever have the chance to meet him you would think nothing is wrong with him. Like he says, he looks great on the outside. We are looking forward to chasing gobblers here in our home state. Plus we are traveling to Idaho to hunt spring bear in June.


Funny moment while hunting

One funny moment was when I shot the cow elk in the picture. It was an unforgettable season, for obvious reasons. I sent Jeff out front to attempt to call a bull past him for a shot. There was a spike and a herd bull that came by Jeff without giving him a shot. Jeff headed uphill, following the herd that was come towards me. When I came to full draw and shot this cow I turned around and Jeff was less than 10 feet behind me. I did not hear him and he couldn’t see the elk. He thought I was shooting at a rabbit, until the herd ran off, of course. He later told me about the bulls but I was tickled with my cow. Our celebration was short lived after we talked to our wives a couple days later. They informed us of the horrific events of 9/11.

He is the strongest man I have ever met. I love him like a brother. This hunt is on the bucket list but is out of reach financially for both of us. This is our best chance, thanks for the help.


Cabela’s is asking for your name and email address to vote, which I was not aware of.

You have my sincerest thanks,


Travis D Underwood

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