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Inspecting Wash Pad/Wool Mitt



For those of you with the Master Blaster, or similar piece of equipment.


Here is a little tip I discovered last weekend.


When your done with your wool mitt, or wash pad. Not only can you use the Master Blaster to dry these wash medias (sp) quicker, you can slowly sweep up and down the fibers. The heater air will part the fibers like the red sea, and you can look for any debris caught in there, all the way to the bottom of the pad or mitt.


It works for me, along with a hair brush I picked up. But if you take your time in doing it (about 5 min), you will be can be sure you don't introduce anything onto the paint in your next 2-bucket.



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I use this with the Metro Blaster Sidekick as well! However, another use I've found similar to this is when you clean your polishing pads and run some water in them, use the blaster to blow some of that water out to cut down your drying time. Works great!

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