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HELP! What is wrong with this!!!


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This TV is not even 4 years old.... Can anyone tell me what is wrong with it?


I went to bed and it was fine. Woke up this....





Tried different inputs, same thing on every one. Tried to power it off and drain all the power out. It is still visible with an input turned on. The lighter the color on the TV the less you can notice it.

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i cant tell if thats a boob tube or LCD.


If its LCD it looks like the edge lighting, It looks like it was hit by a surge and the driver that controls the edge lighting got fried.


I have seen this before, a customer plugged in a high power blower fan that happened to be on the same circuit as the TV. When he fliped it on it drew so much current that when the motor had came up to running compactly there was a surge on the line. He refused to purchase the surge protector with power conditioning. those 29.99 wallmart "surge protectors" are nothing more then a power strip. Because of this he was out 3grand on a 2 month old TV.


Yours looks identical to what happened with his TV. I see your in IL. you guys have had a lot of storms going through, i will bet that their was a surge on the line.

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No power surges last night. Everything else hooked to the same outlet and surge protector is working just fine.


It's an LCD.


No warranty but if I can prove it was a surge it's on an APC protector and they have a guarantee.


I live in Northern IL. It's been snowing on and off for 3 days and been too cold to storm.



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