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Viper ACR-X on the ring.

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thats got to be the first american car to actually take those turns without rolling over :jester:


That is impressive though




To showcase just how much a few small changes can mean, Chevrolet took the updated 2012 Corvette ZR1 to the Nurburgring, knocking 6 seconds off the car’s previous best time set back in 2008. The new 7:19.63 lap time was set by Corvette engineer Jim Mero and is a solid three seconds off the Viper ACR’s best, but its just shy of the production car record set by the Porsche GT2 RS at 7:18. (Faster lap times do exist by a Radical and the Gumpert Apollo, but it’s not hard to argue that those cars aren’t true production models).


Corvette credits much of the car’s added performance to its new Michelin Pilot Sport Cup Zero Pressure tires, which provided an 8 percent gain in lateral acceleration, as well as improved braking. The new tires are available on the flagship 638-hp ZR1 as well as on the 505-hp Z06.

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i know i know i was joking man lol.


i know the americans are finally catching on that it takes more then straight line fast to win. I have a customer with a Zr1 and he took me for a ride and i have to say it was impressive, especially around corners. It still felt that it was more straight line fast but a world of difference from the 08 vette i drove. give us another 3-4 years R&D at the ring and we will be competing with audi/bmw/porsche etc.


:eek: i cant believe i just said we will be competing with the germans lol

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You do realize that the ZR1 holds the production car record right? Beating anything Porsche, BMW, and Audi put down on the ring... 3-4 years is now :D


That of course discounts the gumpert apollo and the radical, but those things are hardly 'production' cars by any stretch of the imagination... especially the radical.



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