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Was looking into getting a traxxas truck and wondered if anyone has one they recommend? Also was wondering how durable they are??


Had one for two years, the TMax gas and beat the ?>?"? out of it. I found it was costing me as much as a normal vehicle as I ran it alot!


You will enjoy it none the less.


If I was in the market now I would go with HPI savage gas, great yard basher for sure.

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Funny I just got my revo back out todayafter not running it for a year or so. Cranked up with no problems. I have had it for I guess 6 or 7 years. It's the 2.5r but shortly after getting it I put a RB 323 motor on it and every time I would brake something I would upgrade the part. I have abused it and it keeps going. There use to be a bunch of us with various cars and made a track with jumps that we would launch easily 20-30ft. Doesn't look as good as it use to due to the abuse i gave it, but it still screams! I had 2 of them for a while but sold the 3.3 and kept the 2.5 body. It runs on all terrains great.

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Not to jack the thread but I have been entertaining the thought of getting rid of my truck - 1/8th scale - Losi LST2 with less than two gallons on it. I just simply dont have the time since we had the baby and my newfound interest in my 1:1 scale vehicle. It is an absolute monster in nearly perfect condition with lots of upgrades and spare parts. Let me know if you are interested.


Here are some pics and a video:









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