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New from South Carolina...


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Hey ya'll,

I just wanted to stop in an introduce myself. My name is Matt and I live in South Carolina. I've been a sports car enthusiast since I was about thirteen or fourteen. Between my wife and I, we have three "babies".

1) 1998 Camaro. She's was my wife's first love and a permanent member of the family. She's my wife's daily driver for right now. She was spoiled and garage kept when she was in Southern California, but now she has driveway duty here in SC. Six cylinder power with a few cosmetic modifications. The paint has definetly seen better days (been keyed a few times and she has her fair share of rock chips since she's such an "old lady"), but all in all, she doesn't look bad for a 14 year old car.

2) 2002 Firehawk. She's the car that I wanted since I knew what a sports car was. I've personalized her a little bit with brakes, stereo, suspension, and exhaust just to make her mine. She was a pristine garage queen until a drunk driver hit me a couple of years ago...I'm still working out some of the defects from that. She spends most of her days in the garage right now...and she will probably be subjected to a lot in the next few years as I get her back "right".

3) 2011 Camaro SS/RS. The new baby. She's currently the object of my wife's love...and occasionally, she lets me have the keys.


I'm a moderator on www.Z28.com and a member of www.camaro5.com ...Adam's has treated me right since I started investigating their products a few months ago on Camaro5.


In terms of my detailing experience, I'd say that I'm an "experienced novice". I have a detailing corner of the garage that is largely populated with various Pinnacle, Wolfgang, 1Z, Meguiar's, and now Adam's products....and I see the Adam's section growing a lot here in the near future. I have a PC7424 but need to get some new pads before I start the show season...I might just use this as an excuse to attempt to step up to the Flex.


Anyways, I just wanted to drop in and say hey. I plan on spending a good amount of time reading up in the archives and I know I will have some new questions.


Happy to be here, and I hope I can get the "logistics department" to approve the wish list I've built up...because it's a substantial one. :xfingers:


See ya on the road,


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Welcome Matt!


I worked the Sunshine State Camaro Rally a few weeks ago with Adam's dealer XQZIT and there were some beautiful rides there. Yours would have fit in nicely!

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