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2009 Chevy Traverse Detail - Lots of Pictures!!!


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My wife's Traverse was long overdue for some much needed attention inside and out. Spent about 7 hours this past Sunday working on it, and in the end she was afraid to drive it because she didn't want to get it dirty again.


-APC & GWC on the tires & wheels

-Shampoo wash (2 bucket system)

-Sheet rinsing

-Clay Bar with DS






-VRT on tires and bumpers

-Undercarraige Spray

-APC and In & Out Spray on engine

-APC on exhaust tips

-Carpet Shampoo

-Leather & Interior Cleaner (Love this stuff, worked amazing!)

-Leather Conditioner

-VRT on all the interior panels

-Glass Cleaner

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Thanks for all the kind words everyone.


I would say it took 8 hours but I stopped to eat a sandwich since the smell of the Undercarriage Spray was making me hungry for grapes!


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