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:help: I'm really stuck here guys and need some advice from experienced detailers. This wednesday I plan to do a full detail on a 2006 black honda civic with tan interior, only visable problems are swirls and massive dog hair on the inside. BUT IM STUCK ON WHAT TO CHARGE??? :willy:

-Strip wash


-Clean engine and dress SVRT

-SVRT tires and fender liners

-remove most of swirls to my ability by hand or with PC(customer doesnt need it perfect)

-Americana Wax

-Vac inside and remove dog hair

-wipe down all plastics and vinyl with LIC(doors, dash etc.)

I'm not tring to charge an arm and a leg she is a friend but I do need money for my excellent work:D. Thanks for any help on prices guys!

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I did did a similar job on a Sante Fe for someone who was at my wedding, except they expected perfection. I charged $200, I got $250. The dog hair alone increases the price quite a bit in my opinion.

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If you're doing as a long term business, you've got to be competitive with what the competition charges in your area. That will be the big factor in determining your pricing.


Most people say $35 an hour is pretty standard. Think about your time, product and expertise involved.


Don't be afraid of a shocked customer. I tell friends and "friends of friends" that if they want their car to look like mine, be prepared for AT LEAST $250 for exterior ONLY. With a Flex on a standard sized car that's not totally hammered, it'll still take me 6 hours. They need to know what you are doing. Its not just "wash and wax." Informing the customer helps them get over the price.


Good luck and let us know what you come up with.

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$35 an hour is a good base. I use something similar. But you'll have to gauge everything based on the efforts it takes to remove the dog hair which is a pain! Good luck.


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