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Mad man with a PC inside the car



Hey guys,


I have a tiny radio display in my camaro that has been unprotected for about 2 years now.


Can I bring my PC inside and FMP or even swirl and haze the plastic face?


(this is not my own but it is comparable)



I then plan to purchase a film cover (ghost brand or soemthing? i dont remember)



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I can't see the picture at work due to policy but, sounds like mabe revive im not sure on that one, but does anyone know if revive can be used on interior plastics?

I have used revive on my interior with 0 problems. also used it in an Audi just last week with great results again

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How in the world did your radio face get so swirled up? My car over two years old and its no where that bad. As other stated I would try some revive. Goodluck bro.


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haha yea, I should be ashamed. It's my DD and OD (only driver, if that's a phrase). If I have to be absolutely honest, it is a matter of smothering + ignorance. I have used interior california dusters on it, detail spray with cheap MF towels....you get the idea.

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