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Complete: Synergy Green Metallic Camaro

THE Mook

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I was fortunate enough to be invited to help out Forum Member, UDLose, AKA Randy this past Sunday Morning in polishing out a Synergy Green Metallic Camaro. Dave, the owner, lives in Pueblo, CO, which is a good three hour drive from where Randy and I are. He is an avid Adam's user, and it showed. This may be the cleanest and least swirliest car I have ever touched.


The Process:

As Dave pulled into the driveway, Randy and I both could see this was gonna be an awesome day. The car, albeit driven for the past 2.5 hours was CLEAN. There were a few bugs on the front from the drive up, but that was about it. The New WW was applied as a pre-soak for said carcasses, then Randy and I treated it to a two-bucket wash. Once everything was washed, we dried it with Great White Drying Towels. Dave popped in for help every now and again.


Once the car was clean, we all determined that FMP on the Flex for the whole car with some spot treating SHR was the best route. Randy and I then clayed the car down. At this point, I took the opportunity to teach Dave how to use his PC7424. After teaching him how to use it, and letting him get used to it a little, we kicked him off the car, and proceeded to Flex the Camaro. We finished with BG and APW. I applied BG on the new Glazing Pad (soon to be released) and then Randy applied the APW.


We dressed everything one more time, as Randy's son KILLED those exahaust tips. The engine was addressed post detail with WW, Edgeless Utility Towels, and then dressed with SVRT:Water 1:1 "Engine Milk". My regret is that with all the nice weather Colorado has been blessed with the last two weeks, it picks THIS day to be overcast. :(


Products Used:

Adam's Platinum Car Wash Kit

Adam's Waterless Car Wash 36 oz


Adam's Metal Polish 1 & 2 Combo

Adam's Edgeless Microfiber Utility Towels

Adam's Double Soft Microfiber Towel

Adam's Single Soft Microfiber Towel

Adam's Detailing Clay Bar & Detail Spray Combo

Adam's Basic Flex Polisher Kit - Flex XC3401VRG Polisher

Adam's Brilliant Glaze for a hight gloss shine!

Adam's Americana Premium Carnauba Car Wax - Best Carnauba Car Wax!





































































Gratuitous Overcast VonKliesting:




Thank you again to Randy for having me out. Thank the rest of you for stopping by!




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very nice! i cant stop staring every time i see a camaro in that color! heard they arent making them in that color anymore though?


yeah it's done.


initially it came out in 2010 and was only an option for the v6 camaro.


then in 2011 it came back for a limited time and all the 2010 v6 synergy green camaro guys were pissed lol.


but they ultimately pulled it again and now it is limited to 2010 v6 and 2011 (v6 and v8) model year only.


sweet detail guys :glasses:

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Looks like Lightning McQueen is looking for a race back there!!!





Or doing the ole circling pattern waiting for the detail bay to empty out. Think I might see some swirl marks on her Hooptie ride there.


Or she spotted the Starbucks on the detail cart.. Them things expensive, might have to jack that one.. :lolsmack:

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Looks like Lightning McQueen is looking for a race back there!!!


I was actually suprised that she wasn't working on the Camaro. Usually she's right there with me on a detail.:pc:


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Thank you Randy and Mook! I had a great time and learned a lot. :banana: I had owned my Porter Cable polisher for a long time but was afraid to use it. After the instruction from Mook and Randy I am ready to attack the rest of my stuff. Do not be afraid of the Porter cable power polisher as it and the great Adams products are designed on the side of caution so you will not hurt your paint. After the great instruction, seeing the flex in action, and the large areas I have to do I am thinking about getting a Flex for the large areas and using the PC for the curves, tight areas and edges. Looking foreword to the clinic at Adams on the 14th. The next project on my list for my :pc:Is a bit larger than my Camaro. Mook and Randy :bow:are more than welcome to bring the awesome Flex machines and assist.


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Turned out awesome! I got a question, anyone know where you can get the color matched center cap Chevy logo? That seems pretty cool especially with this color.


Thanks, they did a great job polishing and instructing. I ordered the center cap and the Chevrolet in the door sils from ebay.

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That's a lot of square footage right there.


Yes it is. After the great training session and seeing it in action I am thinking I might need the flex polisher for the big flat areas to help me knock out the total size in a bit better time.

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