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Any last minute Polishing/Detail tips?



I'm going onto my 2nd attempt at polishing tomorrow:banana:


I had to quite early and it was half-assed last time, I had back pain, at 17 this is a problem. :help:


Anyways, any last minute tips and tricks or things to keep in mind?


I'm going for perfection! Starting at 10 AM and I have daylight until around 8pm in MA, so let's go!



Oh yea, any posture tips for polishing and such? I want to avoid any stress on my lower back, especially lower panels.

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You've got some perfect weather today and for the next several days to get it done and enjoy it for a while. Thankfully all this rain is out of the picture around here.


Have fun and like everyone else said, take your time and make sure you get the results you want on one area before taking on the rest of the car.


.......and post pics when your done! :thumbsup:

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