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Empty Unopened Mountain Dew?


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My stepmother once had an empty like that in a case of beer -- miller, I believe. Just do fun she called miller (or maybe sent them the bottle -- I forget, this was 25 years ago) and miller had a local distributor deliver a full new case, gratis, to her door. We all thought was very cool. :patriot:

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That happens with me and the 16.9oz bottles of diet Pepsi. They not empty, but sometimes Ill get 1 bottle out of the 6 pack that has lost it's carbonation. I've learned to give each bottle a squeeze and check the caps for tightness.


Happened to me with a 2 L plastic bottle. After that I always give them a good squeeze.:cheers:

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Back when I was growing up there was a kid in the neighborhood that would ask his dad for a dollar every day, sometimes several times. He would go to the 7-11 and with that dollar he could get a can of Mountain Dew and a candy bar. Haven't run into him for several years, but know it screwed up his stomach.


Make you sure watch the video in the link all the way to the end.


Mice No Match for Mountain Dew - ABC News

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