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Took the Chevelle to the Local Kruise


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So this weekend was the annual Kruise of Klamath, a long running classic char show in my home town. This is my favorite time of year, not only do I get to see lots of awesome classic cars, but I get to shine up and drive the 69 Chevelle.


It was a pretty good turnout this year with as bad as the weather was. I do not remember a year in 25+ years of this show where it rained. It rained quite a bit on Friday day and night but luckily on Saturday for the actual show and cruise it was not to bad. it only rained for about 20min saturday afternoon but the sun came out and everyone dried off there cars.


Here are some pics. Enjoy:


The Chevelle:





These 23 trucks are a buddy of mine from High school




Another buddy of mine painted this truck, its his brothers



They allow a few modern cars and this one was the best by far:







This was another buddys of mines dads car. Sadly he passed away a couple weeks ago just a couple weeks after it was finished.:(


Best In Show Winner. It has one several times before


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YES PLEASE!!!! Sexy!





Yeah that was one of my favorite vehicles there


The red Impala gets my vote!:2thumbs: I really dig the red Nova, too. But I'd ditch the 427 badge for the full sleeper effect.


Yeaht I agree with you with ditching the 427 badges. That red color was awesome. It looked red but when the sun hit it, it looked very pink. It was pretty awesome.

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