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Newbee in Knoxville Tn, saying Thanks!!


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I recieved a gift for christmas this year and It was a bottle of the Adams detailer, I have been using Eagle One nano wax detailer for years and thought there was none any better,UNTILL one day I ran out and used the Adams polish and totally fell in love with this product,It outshined and outpreformed everything else , It has to be the best i ever used, Thanks for a great product, RevDen :2thumbs:

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Welcome to the forum Denny. Looks like you've got one swet ride there. If you loved DS wait till you get your hands on the rest of the fleet of Adam's products.


Keep in mind there is a sweet summer sale going on until next week. Check it out for your next order. :thumbsup:



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Thanks guy's for all the input and hello's, I introduced my brother in law to adams on a black 2010 camaro this weekend and he couldn't believe the shine with such a simply detailing, Great product!!!!, here is a link to a vid of the 69.

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2_0sSiP4bVc&list=UU5sNNs8QoMYIV_yYA3QHMog&index=9&feature=plcp]1969 Big Block Camaro - YouTube[/ame]

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