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Just an '03 Civic daily driver


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This car belongs to a co-worker and she asked me to clean it up recently.

It was scheduled for a wash, headlight polish, interior vac & wipe down, and sealant, but I felt like playing with the PC too, so she got a little extra.



Headlights were hazed, but not too bad:





After claying:



Green 4" Focus pad on drill with SSH, Orange 4" Focus pad on PC with SHR, and White 4" Focus on PC with FMP:




The first 'extra' - restoring the trim between the doors. FMP on a white pad with the PC:











The other 'extra' was working with the hood to see what I could do. Decided to just clay and go over it with FMP on a white pad.


50/50 - the left side has been clayed and polished, the right side just clayed. You can see the reflection of the light on the right side is yellow and not sharp.




After - both side are now reflecting the light as white and focused.





Applied MSS to the paint, door trim, and headlights. Then "dressed" her up with SVRT and Adam's In & Out Spray Dressing for her trip home:




The white car over the right side of the car was my latest challenge, it almost kicked my butt Saturday, and a write-up on that is next.


Thanks for looking,


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Wow, what a great save. Love the turn around you got on the headlights and door trim plastic! The whole car looks brand new again


Thanks John!


IMO biggest turn around items for a non-detailer (most car owners)

  • uncloud headlights
  • clean wheels
  • dress tires
  • polish or dress trim around windows

A non-detailer will notice a shiny car, but will not usually realize the "why" part.

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