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Matte Single Stage Paint care tips



Hi all. A vehicle that I'm going to be working on for the next few years at least is going to have a matte single stage paint job done on it. It's a utility vehicle so no need to have 14 coats of clear on it but I just wanted to get some help from others who have cared for single stage paint jobs. Pro tips are welcome as well ::cough cough:: Dylan & Mook ::cough cough:: :lolsmack:


I know the general as far as washing goes but was wondering about polishing and if I even should at all. This rig is going to be around for a while and I want to take care of it right the first time. I have a majority of the polishers and accessories so no worries in that department. Just wondering if I should only lay down a coat of MSS and call it a day or if I should even bother with that. The vehicle will see it's fair share of time spent outdoors as well.


Let me know what you got! Thanks all!

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No polishing.


No waxing.


No glazing.


Honestly, no Detail Spray either.


Pretty much stick to soap and water washing only.


For wipe downs you can use Waterless Wash or (as weird as this sounds) Glass Cleaner.


This car is cared for exclusively with our Glass Cleaner and waterless towels:



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