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Polish before Winter?



In the summer I drive my Camaro, but in the winter (I live in Southern Ontario across the border from Detroit Michigan), I drive a 1999 Ford Explorer Sport.


The Explorer has never been polished or anything, but now that I am hooked on Adam's products, I thought to myself "Hey, why not make the winter beater look a little nicer!" I enjoy doing the work and I like the way the car looks when it is done.


My question to you all is this: With winter about 3-4 months away, is it a waste of time, or a bad idea to polish up the winter beater? Will all that hard work go to waste once the snow season begins?

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It's NEVER a bad idea... You could just hit it with some clay, FMP or Revive and then put a couple coats of sealant on it.


I drive my G8 year round in Iowa... We have snow, ice, and SALT!

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