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Calling out for HELP in the Houston, TX area!!!



I have a buddy on another forum that realizes his car is in rough shape. It's an '06 SRT8 Charger, Brilliant Black. Swirls, water spots, the whole deal. He doesn't have money (right this second) to get a flex kit. But is committed to the Adams system, and wants to seriously maintain it from this point. I'm reaching out to see if any of you would be interested in making a new friend, turning someone on to the beauty of Adams, teaching a proper detail, and lending your Flex polishing wizardry........

I'm not sure what he can afford to pay you for at this point. Maybe $50 for product usage? And a case of beer? I'm not sure. I'll find out more. I'll also find out what part of Houston he lives in. But I DO KNOW he really wants to learn and is willing to work his tail off and do ALL he can to help the process. Does this remotely interest anyone???


EDIT: buddy lives in South East Houston. Friendswood, TX 77546. It is toward Galveston coming from Houston.

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