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Never used a machine


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I have ordered the Flex machine after talking with others and Adams staff. I am a little hesitant since I have never used a machine,ever. My first victim will be my Sonic. Hopefully I will feel comfortable enough to move on to my Camaro.I anticipate some calls to Adams and some posts here before I start with the Flex.



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That's my plan. I'm going to test my flex oout on my ole ladies BMW X3. Lol sounds crazy but it's beat up way worse than my ram. She doesn't have a clue how to wash a car and when I taught her the correct way she said screw it that sheep just drive it dirty lol. She just needs to stay in the kitchen haha

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Like those 70s Vettes. ! Thanks for the welcome.


Thanks for the compliment on the Vettes. :2thumbs:




I'm gonna have lots of ?s


Alright, are you wanting me to fill in the blank??


OK...here it goes-"I'm gonna have lots of Adam's Products soon because the outcome of the products work better than they say they do plus they are all easy to use plus if a girl like ChevyGirl can do it then so can I"!! :jester::2thumbs::jester:






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Chris, you will get lots of good advice on this forum. As others have mentioned watch the videos! I started out with the PC and just recently purchased a flex. Best advice is to keep the pads flat and keep the polisher moving. Practice makes perfect and I am still practicing with the Flex. I love it.

Best of Luck and don't be shy to ask questions. Lots of great people here with tons of experience for us novices.

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I was a little nervous the first time I used my PC. After you realize you can't ruin your car, it's much easier.


Same here...the PC was too appealing as a first timer. It just wasn't worth it to me to go straight for the Flex. I figured I could always upgrade later (which probably isn't too far off!).

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