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I do believe this counts as a rescue...**Pic heavy**


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So, a bit of back story first. This '06 xB belongs to my girlfriend's family, she is the main driver of it during her semester as college, and is shared with 3 other drivers as well. I'm pretty certain that the outside has only been washed once, and I don't think the inside has ever been touched at all. It had all of the crap on it from all 140K miles that it has accumulated.


Last year, before she started at Rowan, I promised a full detail of the thing. It never happened, and she called that up this past week. The windshield was so bad that when it rained, it pretty much just made much each time the wipers swept by, it was bad. I wasn't worried about getting the car perfect at all. I know for a fact that it won't be washed again unless I do it myself, so I felt no need to get it 100%, I was just aiming for 90-95% better. The crap on the wheels is baked on really bad, and there are a TON of rock chips in the front bumper that I can't do anything about. Good news was, since it wasn't ever washed, I didn't have to worry about swirl marks. I knew I was in for some work when the roof needed to be clayed twice in order to be smooth.:lolsmack:


Funny bit: Gf had a blonde moment when filling out the application for a parking permit at Rowan. The car has been so dirty for so long that she put the color as tan. She was surprised to see it turn silver when we washed it.












That dirty rag pic is the crap from ONE door panel.










I've since gotten that crap left in the center console. Didn't notice how much I had missed until I saw the pics.

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