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Machine polishing without a garage?



How do you people strip wash and polish without a garage? I'm starting to get swirls on my black RAM :( I do a two bucket wash and I believe I'm pretty careful but it seems like the scratches are way to easy to put on the paint. Like I did a WW right after a wash due to dirt landing on the car and the first wipe led to perfect scratches. I used plenty of WW and the towell was clean. I noticed it right off of the bat and stopped but regardless it's time for a polish. You guys think fine machine polish will remove most of them? Like I said its like I'm barely touch the paint and it's leaving scratches. So back to my original question how do you guys do it outside without cover? I seriosly doubt I will able to polish my whole truck in one day so it will be split up between days.


Does machine super sealent prevent fine scratches at all?

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If you know that you only have time to do some of the truck, I would do all steps (clay, polish & wax) to how ever many panels you have done. Then the next time start with a 2 bucket wash and do the other panels. I hope this makes sense to you. However if it would just be later in the same day or the truck set to the next day you could do a WW before continuing on the rest of the panels.

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