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Hey, hows it going. I recently ordered the porter cable bundle with adams polishes.. I have heard many good things about these products..


I drive a dodge magnum srt8, and lately i have been focused on making it faster and faster.. Then last sunday, i looked out the window, when the sun was glinting off of it at the right angle and seen it sitting there dirty, and covered in swirl marks.


Long story short, i felt bad about the condition of the paint, so i ordered the stuff.. I have always clay barred and kept a nice coat of meguiars wax on it, and live in an apartment complex, so i havent been able to keep a good washing technique, hence where the swirls are coming from.


Long story short, here is a few pictures (good and bad)


Current (well, cleaner than it is right this instant):







With plastidipped rims, and faded paint on brakes:


Peeled the plastidip off, painted the rims, and Fixed the calipers with some fast dry farm equipment enamel. The color is Snakeskin Green:



I supercharged it with a paxton novi 1500 head unit, front mount intercooler, and a mild blower cam. I am debating on selling the supercharger and going twin turbo instead since boost is an addictive drug.

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Thanks guys... I Think i am going to attempt to practice on my wife's white lincoln before trying anything on my baby lol.


In one informative post on my other thread, i was talked into ordering the focus 4" pc kit too.... So that should be here early next week :)

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