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2008 Cadillac SRX


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An older guy at the gym I belong to has been pestering me to detail (full on interior/exterior cleaning) his 2008 Cadillac SRX. My company car was in the shop Wednesday and I was pretty caught up on office work so I made arrangements to pick the beast up.


48,000 miles and fairly well taken care of. It was obvious it's waxed regularly from all the wax in the seams. A few bird bombs on the hood had been removed at some point with a paper towel, I'm sure, after they'd sat there and etched themselves deep into the clear. The interior was pretty nice. 4 3/4 hours and it was returned to a very satisfied customer.

Cleaned the front end, Rocker Panels/Side Skirts/Lower part of the Rear Bumper.

Cleaned the engine bay with diluted APC.

Cleaned the Wheels, Tires and Inner Fender Wells.

Tires were covered in Armor All and I'm guessing the inner fenders had been cleaned, at some point, with a pretty caustic cleaner due to their chalky stained appearance. Barrels of the wheels appeared to have never been cleaned.

Two Bucket Wash to Exterior, Dried with the Master Blaster and followed up with DS and a few Waterless Wash Towels.

All Door jambs cleaned using Waterless Wash.

Engine Bay dressed with SVRT and In & Out Spray

All Trim, Cowl, Door Seals, and Tires Dressed with SVRT

Invisable Undercarriage Spray Dressing in Wheel Wells.

Vacuumed the interior and took care of a couple/few spots on the carpet.

Leather & Interior Cleaner to all the Leather inside, had to work a bit to get the driver's seat clean. Probably One Full Cow's worth of Leather in this thing!

Leather Conditioner where needed.

All Glass Cleaned.


I talked with him about polishing it out next spring, we'll see...

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