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I'm getting better



I'm still learning how to properly polish my paint, but I think I'm getting better.


I took time yesterday to polish the hood on my company car. The paint was pretty good, but still had swirls. I stripped the hood and front fenders with an IPA wipedown and strated with Sever Swirl Remover. I did one pass and moved on to Swirl and Haze Remover and Fine Machine polish. I threw on some Quick Sealant, Brilliant Glaze and Buttery Wax.


I think the results are pretty encouraging.



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Looks good! The hood looks like it's a Taurus hood. If that's the case consider yourself lucky to have that color. It was the rarest of all the 2010 Taurus colors.


Oops just went back and re-read posts...sorry, I didn't see you said Taurus in the post. Here's a photo of mine:



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