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First time flexing



I've had my PC for over 2 years and feel quiet confident. I stepped up to the flex. I read ( re read) and watched ( re watched) all the threads and videos.

In flexing all was going along find and noticed dusting. Used DS, cleaned pads w/ Adams brush; that took care of that. In the sun light I noticed fine specs in the finish , it's so fine my camera won't pick it up. I repeated the process and still there. I clayed and still there. I used DS spray and waffle towel- still there. My next move was to put a thin coat of SS to see if when I wipe off if they disappear . I'm waiting for cure time to see if wipe off helps. PS: these are new pads I got with the kit.

Any suggestions???

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Picked a spot and used WW and wiped it down; no difference. Wiped off SS and no change. This is on a 2008 Toyota highlander; I m not showing any red , paint color, on the pads. It almost looks like a linting problem but its not. I'm using new single softs and Adams WW microfiber.

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