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About that time...



Well its about that time for storage of the "baby" up here in MI. I got my cover comming toward the end of the month. I have read that the car has to be clean before storing it. My car is spotless minus by the back tires...I am a little heavy footed :2thumbs: and I have a bit of left over rubber on the bottom quarter panels and im not sure on how to remove most of it. I have tried to use waterless wash with some utility micro's and well it didn't help all that much. I rather not use my mitt because of well, I I know all that rubber will just get stuck and it will be impossible to remove. So ideas? Thanks!:)

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You could try:


1) clay

2) APC with a utility towel

3) WD-40

4) Tarminator


All of them will strip whatever wax or sealant you have on the car so be sure to reapply that.


Thanks for the info man, I'll be sure to try em out!:thumbsup:

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