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So everyone as promised, I said I would get some picture of before and after the wash, clay, polish, and wax job on my wife's new to us Tahoe. A couple weeks ago my wife and I traded her Expedition for a 2010 Tahoe Z71. We drove 3 hours away to get the thing and when we got back it was nasty. Last weekend I completed the process and we we're both extremely impressed after everything.


I used...


Adam's car wash shampoo

2 - professional wash pads

4 - great white towels

Adams clay bar and detail spray which you can never have enought detail spray

Revive Polish

Buttery Wax

...and a lot of Adam's interior products. Sorry typing on an iPad is a pain



I must say, I do need more products as what I have left will not even come close to washing the Camry okr the SRT8. :banana:


I completely forgot to get pics of before, but I remembered during the rinse down, I will definitely be ordering a PC and more gear ...so here you go







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