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Microfiber Revitalizing Trick



You know how the fibers of your microfiber towels seem to bunch up over time like tiny little 'dreadlocks' - mainly in the center section of the towel? I had a few microfiber towels that were headed to the 'dirty jobs' stack, but first I took my stiff nylon bristled 'carpet brush' and brushed the towels out. I laid the towels out one at a time on the CLEAN kitchen counter and dragged the carpet brush across the face of the towel in one direction, then rotated the towel 90* and did it again and repeated until I had brushed that side in all four directions. Then flipped it over and did the other side. Yes, this was a bit of a chore by the time I finished with the 4th towel. Then I washed and dried them as normal and the bunched up dreadlocked fibers were all loose and the towels looked and performed practically brand new. It also seemed to significantly reduce linting - maybe by dragging all of the loose shedding fibers out? Yes, good microfiber has a useful life span, but this might drag a few more cycles out of your good towels before delegating them to 'dirty jobs' stack. Worth a try!

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