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Adam's business model according to a 9 year old



Doing the weekly 2 bucket wash, this time with my visiting 9 y/o nephew. After what felt like a 1,000 point Q&A session while showing Tommy how to properly use products like car shampoo, under carriage spray, quick sealant & detail spray (some of the strongest smelling stuff) he says, "Here is what I think about the Adam's stuff: I like that they sell good stuff. Like when you wash your car, it gets REALLY shiny again. But most of all, I think they should re-name themselves to the Flavor Company. I could fall asleep smelling the detail spray." :lolsmack:



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Sharp kid! Way to start him off right.:thumbsup:

For the full Adam's experience, he should start using the products on his bike.


Haha, yes and I have read that epic here in the forums. One of the greats really. You've got the Mahabharata, the Iliad/Odyssey and the Adam's Story: Early days.

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