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Amazing customer service and shipping!

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Bar none this has been one of the best companies ive purchased car stuff from ever since ive been into cars....ive already ordered quite a bit of adams products and planning on even getting more. the customer service i would rank as some of the best that ive dealt with as far as getting direction as to what im trying to do. the shipping is another story, its amazing the time it takes to get it from colorado to long island. i havent had a chance yet to try any of the items i got, but im gonna be getting all my car cleaning/detailing supplies strictly from adams from here on out.


Keep up the great work adams! im beyond satisfied with how my experience has been with your company :thumbsup::thumbsup:


Ryan :cheers:

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:iagree: I second all of this. Adam's comes through with flying colors. Shipping is fast and everything is packed exceptionally. I also have not used my products that I have received yet (because of weather) but with the Adam's service and info from this forum I am not expecting anything but the best. :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup: Edited by BluedogGMC
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Thank you for your business Ryan!


Keep up posted when the weather breaks and you start putting your goodies to work!


Tell your friends:cheers:

anytime nick i feel pretty confident in saying you've got a customer for life and red beard ill be telling all my friends trust me :cheers:

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