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Suprise in my box

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Well i made an order last week for some gallon refills, a new bottle, extra sprayers and leather conditioner. They accidentally sent 16oz sprayers instead of 36 oz but ill get that fixed as soon as livechat is up. So I open the box and there's a Adams calender too! Thank you for the calender Adams! Some nice cars in there :glasses:


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I'll trade you for a 15 yr old PIA. :lolsmack:

Hey look who is back! I was going to PM you since I hadn't seen anything from you since December on the "what are you listening to?" thread. I hope all is well with you.


BTW: I'll swap you two hyper 4 1/2 year olds for a weekend!:lolsmack:

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What do you plan on using that much VRT on? Lol, my 16oz bottles of VRT last me upwards of 2 years


I have my little detailing business going and have alot of clients so i figured instead of getting another 36oz ill just get the whole gallon!


What's that middle gallon refill? I can't read it....


Microfiber Revitalizer

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