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95 Dodge Viper RT/10


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95 Viper RT/10

Overall this car was in ok shape. It did however have a ton if deep wet sand marks. Some of the areas had to be wet sanded again like the rear deck lid. It still needs some work but it looks a lot better. I had to break out more aggressive M******'s compound on this one. Other than that all was done with SSR, S&HR, FMP, and finished with Revive. Of course BG and APW topped it off.

















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Great job! I did a 2001 recently and it was a fun car to work on, but oh my lord, the clear is INSANELY hard!!


This car was recently repainted. Not the best job. Really soft clear coat The owner took it upon himself to try and wet sand and buff for the first time ever in his life. Turns out he didn't know what he was doing, burned through the paint in a few areas. In addition to that he buffed the car while someone was fringing on metal in the same area he was working. The truck and deck lid were the worst areas. Scratches so deep no wet sanding was going to fix. I did my best and he new there weren't going to be any miracles made with this car.


I took the job with agreement it wasn't going to be perfect. It killed me to see all the scratches on this car, but we only had time to work the worst areas.

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