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My name is Dennis, I'm 34 years old and born & raised in sunny Southern California. This year I have been obsessively researching proper vehicle care since purchasing a low-miles, near-mint condition 1987 Mustang GT in February. The car has led a pampered life and it is my goal to continue to maintain it's near-perfect condition. After much research, I could not believe all of the bad habits that I had picked up over the years, doing more harm than what I thought was good for my cars.


What has me wanting to use Adam's products, besides the products themselves, is the very professional and passionate way they conduct their business and their support of the USA. I also greatly appreciate all of Adam's instructional videos, the best I have found. I look forward to reading and learning from the knowledgeable folks on this forum and I'm especially looking forward to placing my first Adam's order in the near future. 


Here's a few picture of my pride and joy, a 1987 Mustang GT in very rare Oxford White and Titanium two-tone with blue accent stripe. I have wanted this exact car since I was 16 and it truly is my needle in a haystack! Since acquiring it I have done some basic, tasteful modifications that include suspension, brakes, wheels and exhaust. Aside from the modifications, the car is all 100% factory original!









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